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FranklinCovey now offers Real Estate software. In today's Real Estate market it is more important than ever to get organized and to be productive. You need to prioritize your time management and focus on the things that are most important. PlanPlus Online Organizer can help you get more business and let you keep your personal life.

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FranklinCovey now offers Real Estate software. In today’s Real Estate market it is more important than ever to get organized and to be productive. You need to prioritize your time management and focus on the things that are most important. PlanPlus Online Organizer can help you get more business and let you keep your personal life.

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  • More customizable than Top Producer
  • Works on Mac or PC
  • Integrates with your website
  • Perfect for teams
  • Includes mobile access

Features and Benefits

One System for Everything

One centralized database for all of your leads, contacts, listings, buyers, closings, calendar, tasks, goals, projects, notes, documents and emails. If are tired of logging in to 10 different systems every day to manage your real estate business, this is your solution.

Transaction Coordination for Real Estate

Create Action Plans, track deadlines, related parties, and even upload documents. You can send updates to the parties related to a transaction and give them access to a custom portal that includes the purchase contract and other transaction details.


Integration with, Zillow, Trulia, and more

This feature converts leads that you are receiving as emails from Zillow, Trullia,, Proquest, and others and puts them in to your database. For Brokers, this feature can be used to distribute leads to agents based on various assignment rules.


Integration with, Zillow, Trulia, and more

This feature converts leads that you are receiving as emails from Zillow, Trullia,, Proquest, and others and puts them in to your database. For Brokers, this feature can be used to distribute leads to agents based on various assignment rules.


Upload Contract Documents

The real estate industry deals with a lot of documents. That's why PlanPlus Online features a document center for keeping all of your important documents in the cloud. It's an online filing cabinet that allows you to customize the folder structure and organization. Store contract documents, marketing materials, purchase agreements, legal forms, and more. Create, store, and--when you're ready--send the documents right from the system by email or print.


Project Management feature for Business Planning

This feature is used for working ON your business, not just in your business. Create a new project to hire an assistant, to implement an REO or Short Sale initiative, or to launch a new website. This project management feature lets you control all aspects of your business not just the contacts and transactions.


Email Marketing for Real Estate

Real estate professionals do a lot of marketing, especially with emails. That's why we've created a robust and easy system for your email campaigns. Choose from a library of over 700 email templates for your blast or drip campaigns. Schedule and automate campaigns ahead of time for worry-free marketing and get reports on viewing % and click-through-rates. We've even made it easy to create mailing lists from your contacts-- create a search of criteria you choose for a custom audience list. It's anti-SPAM compliant and an easy way to manage your customer relations and leads.


Real Estate Lead Management & Custom Workflow

Sometimes you meet people who aren't ready to buy/sell, but tell you they will be in, say, a year. How do you hold on to a lead like that? With PlanPlus CRM's lead management feature, you'll never lose out on such an opportunity. Using a custom workflow, you'll be able to create tasks, appointments, and follow-up reminders for each lead. You can keep detailed notes about the potential customer and any interactions such as calls or emails. Predefined templates are available to help you get started.


Real Estate Listing Management

Most CRM systems just offer customer management, but PlanPlus Online also offers real estate listing management. You'll be able to create a record of each listing with custom fields and criteria to fit each listing. Keep track of property type, address, property details, and more. You'll be able to enter comments about house history or current owners as well as showing instructions and dates. The great thing about our database is that it's easy to search. If you have a customer looking for a specific number of rooms or who want to live in a certain area, you'll be able to search for all the properties matching their criteria. In addition, you can create tasks and appointments to keep track of each listing.


Customizable Layouts

PlanPlus CRM is more customizable than Top Producer, allowing you the flexibility to create pages and layouts to fit your individual processes and needs. Create custom fields for leads, listings, contacts and more. Arrange them in a way that suits you best. The best part? The layouts are just as search-able as they are customizable, so you'll never be at a loss again.



PlanPlus Online was exceptional at analyzing Fitlosophy's business needs and then demonstrating how PlanPlus Online could not only help improve productivity and manage processes, but save time and money while generating revenue. It's essential in a small business to have partners that "get" what you need and help quickly implement a solution. Thanks PlanPlus Online - I have no doubt that this system will help skyrocket our success.

Review by Angela from Fitlosophy | January 2012

PlanPlus Online was great from our first call. They came highly recommended along with their product and both are great. Would recommend them to everyone.

Review by Homer from | January 2012

My Team, The Richmond Realty Team, and I have really struggled over the last year with the implementation of a CRM. We were really struggling with the one that we were using and knew that we needed to change. The search reluctantly began, as I knew it would be quite an undertaking due to the large volume of properties and transactions coming through the office. At the time, we were using a Microsoft product and had decided to transition to Salesforce. I had chosen Salesforce because I had learned that, supposedly, a lot of the "Fortune 500" companies were using this product. I was really disappointed shortly AFTER signing a contract due to the lack of response from the technical support/data migration team. They were great prior to signing the contract.

About a month or so ago, I had the fortunate experience of stumbling upon PlanPlus Online Business. I knew shortly after looking at it that this was the product for us. The simplicity of use, combined with the rich features, and customizable nature of the product was just fantastic. As we looked further into the product, we were introduced to Keith Norris, with Complete XRM. Keith has been wonderful throughout this process thus far. His insight into the Real Estate industry is a definite plus when we have questions such as, "Is there a better way to do this in PlanPlus Online?" Keith has done more in less than a month, than the other companies did in more than 3 months!

I would highly recommend this product to other agents looking for a, simple to use yet full of features, product that they can implement rather quickly. Great product as it is, and it is my understanding that changes are coming that will capitalize on the great features that already exist.

Review by Joey from The Richmond Realty Team @ RE/MAX Commonwealth | December 2011

We run our entire business with PlanPlus Online CRM by PlanPlus Online! From My iPhone to my iPad, PlanPlus CRM has been exactly what our business needed to scale and not allow any leads to fall through the cracks. The Software team at Franklin Covey has been amazing with training and implementation even with our dispersed sales team. We have integrated PlanPlus Online CRM with our website and now have a seamless Lead capture to Sales Process workflow. I have tried other software claiming to be CRM, but it wasn't until I found PlanPlus Online CRM that my needs were meet.

Review by Chad from Dermapen | December 2011

I have worked with several other CRM products that showed to be cumbersome and limited. They offered little team coordination or managerial oversight. Salesforce is expensive and offers little or no marketing program for a team.

PlanPlus Online's program offers a cost effective sales tracking, customized personal and business planning, and email marketing tools for an entire team. It is the number one tool used for taking control of businesses.

Review by Paul from Franklin Covey | December 2011

PlanPlus Online for Real Estate is the best CRM solution on the planet. I have used other top CRM's in the past and I am amazed at this product and service. If you want to scale your business, check out this CRM solution. They smoke the past CRM providers I have used. The implementation and training that is offered is unsurpassed!!!!

Review by Erik from team Erik | December 2011

BEST Real Estate CRM on the market. Blows my old sales force account out of the water!!!

Review by Adam from Movie Grille | November 2011

I was using spreadsheets and Outlook to track all of my real estate deals. The PlanPlus team was able to help me get a central location to track all of my contacts and opportunities and get much more organized. I also have a central file repository for all of my contracts. I definitely will recommend using this tool to other real estate agents!

Review by Tony from Tony Gomez Real Estate | September 2011

Love PlanPlus Online! Their CRM PlanPlus is running our entire business in the cloud.

Review by Mike from Dermapen | August 2011

I have worked with other Real Estate software systems and none of them can do what PlanPlus does. It's very good for marketing, insurance, and Real Estate because of the ease of use.

Review by James from James Thompson Investors | August 2011

We use PlanPlus Online at my company for our business development and sales teams. It seems to work fine. I have used other systems like Goldmine and MSCRM (different job) and We used to use Goldmine in the past and switched to Salesforce, then switched to PlanPlus Online I think because of cost and usability.

We have a person at our company who has a direct contact with a tier 2 support representative and it helps us get our questions answered quickly. They have even made changes in the software to fit our needs.

I would rate them as very easy to use and very powerful in terms of functionality.

Review by Justin from CGE | August 2011

This software is amazing. I use it to manage my day-to-day tasks as well as my organization as a whole. I work as an Independent sales representative and it allows me to easily track my leads as well as my projects.

Review by Mike from Michael Taylor Sales Reps | August 2011

I honestly don't know what our company would do without this product. There's a lot to it, but it isn't difficult to use. I came into a company using the system and had to jump right into using it; it only took a few days to get comfortable and now I work in it easily. I like that I can do both personal and business planning and get it on my iPhone. I haven't used the online support, but others say the online chat support is effective.

Review by Paige from Revolutions Publishing | August 2011

PlanPlus CRM has made my life so much more it! It has a great web form builder that ties right into our website for capturing leads. I also really enjoy sending out blast email campaigns to thousands of leads with a few clicks of the mouse.

Review by Mike from DermaPen | August 2011

As a contact management software, Plan Plus Online has enabled our management staff to collect, organize, and safely store all of our client's and/or business associate's contact information in one convenient database. As our contact list continually builds, all of our past clients/contacts are easily accessed and all past e-mails, conversations, appointments and follow ups are detailed and attached. This function has enabled our staff to greatly improve our client/customer relationships by addressing each contact based on their specific wants and needs. By organizing our database into contact groups, we are able to send out automated email campaigns designated for each specific group of clients and/or contacts. The software application also enables us to create customizable charts and graphs that provide us with an overview of our company's, planning, progress and achievements.

In addition to the software's contact management capabilities, Plan Plus Online was the only software platform that enabled us to easily create internal sales and marketing processes that are specific to our business activities. This feature has provided us with the proper tools to schedule, delegate, and track all of our internal staff's interaction with clients as well as their day to day activities such as appointments, meetings, emails, phone calls, etc.

Plan Plus Online's e web-hosted access feature has proven to be extremely productive and convenient. Our administrative staff is able access their accounts from home, on vacation, or from any other computer with web access.

Plan Plus Online was superb in providing help and support to our administrative staff during the initial stages of implementing the software, and they continue to promptly assist when questions arise. Their support team provides feedback in a variety of methods including conference calls, web-based meetings, e-mail correspondence, and scheduled training meetings with our staff.

I would highly recommend this software to anyone who is serious about establishing a management software system into their current business model. Plan Plus Online has provided us with the tools to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, safely store vital contact information, and better organize our internal approach to managing our business.

Review by Tommy from Tea Group | August 2011

Fantastic planning, organization and communication tool. Price is great and so is the customer service. It is definitely worth giving it a try!

Review by Emmily from Hawaii Cakes | August 2011

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