Software-as-a-Service “SaaS”

PlanPlus Online is SaaS or Software as a Service. What that means is that you and your company do not need to worry about the hassle or expense buying or hosting applications on your servers.

Cloud Computing

The secret is out. The cloud IS the future (and present) of software applications. By putting your business on the PlanPlus Cloud you are making a giant leap forward from traditional hosted software applications. You will have better access to data, and a lower total cost of ownership when compared to traditional hosted software.

Benefits to Our Customers:

Robust functionality – Support for essential sales,marketing, and service processes helps you get closer to your customers.

Reduced complexity – A robust CRM solution from a single vendor with superior global support means fewer worries for you.

  • Improved Access to Data
    • Having an application on the cloud means that you can access it from remote locations and still have the same data. No more out of sync data on a laptop. Additionally, some software as a service offerings restrict you to certain web browsers. There are NO BROWSER RESTRICTIONS with PlanPlus Online. While our favorite is Mozilla, we work with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and probably any other browser.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    • With traditional software where you buy just the licenses and then you have to take care of things like servers, hosting, upgrades, and maintenance there are many hidden fees. With our Software as a Service all of the fees are upfront, predictable, and easy to calculate.
  • Rapid Deployment
    • Accounts on our servers can be provisioned in seconds. This means that there is zero lag time in getting started. Configuration of your account can be counted in hours or weeks instead of months.
  • Upgrade Path
    • Another benefit of our subscription based products is that each one gets regular feedback from customers and ongoing development that is consistently making the product better. All of these enhancements are provided (within your edition) for no additional cost.
  • Backup and Security
    • All of our customer data is backed up and secure. We have never lost a byte of data. To learn more about our security click here.