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PlanPlus™ Online SYNC Utility

SYNC Your PlanPlus Online Contacts, Tasks and Appointments with Microsoft® Outlook®

Installation and User Notes: Posted Sep 2013 Latest version is v 3.0 build 3117b. Compatible with Outlook 2003, 2010, 2013.

What’s New

  • Sync Contacts, Tasks and Appointments consistent and “in-sync” between Microsoft Outlook and PlanPlus™ Online even as new information is added and edited from within either application
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, & 2003
  • Sync Priority and Rank between PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook or High, Medium & Low from Outlook

What you should know before Sync

  • If you have multiple computers, each with their own Outlook, you will have to choose one to begin the sync. Syncing from different Outlook data sources may lead to duplicates in each database.
  • Outlook Contact information is considered to be your private data and is flagged as private upon being brought into PlanPlus™ Online. In order to share those Contacts with other users in the
    account, the Contact records will have to be de-selected as private. A “private” Contact attribute will appear next to the private Contact’s name in the Contact edit window.
  • If you are a PlanPlus™ for Outlook user, SYNC needs to differentiate between Daily and Master tasks. For SYNC to do this, you must visit the “Startup Page” inside PlanPlus™ Online Setup Wizard, Personal Preferences Calendar/Tasks at the bottom of the page “Sync With” Select PlanPlus™ for Outlook.
  • The PlanPlus Online Sync Utility will not sync PlanPlus for Outlook Mission Statement, Goals, Compass and Daily Notes.

ATTENTION: If you have previously imported Contact information and then perform SYNC, you will get duplicate Contact records. If duplicate Contact records appear, click here to review a procedure for removing duplicate Contact records.

Notice in some cases where users of the sync utility have used earlier versions and may have installed the utility in a directory different than the default it is possible to introduce duplicates into the database. It is advisable to make sure that any previous installations are removed.

How To Download and Run PlanPlus™ Online SYNC

Step 1:

Running the downloaded file will add two items to your desktop – A Setup icon and an Execute icon. Either can be used to run the synchronization.

PlanPlus Online Sync Tool - Desktop Applications

Step 2:

Provide your login information for PlanPlus Online Account Video to locate your sync URL Sync errors email:

Step 3:

Configure your sync settings

Choose your Transfer Method from the Transfer Method tab Transfer Method
Choose your Applications from the Application Tab Select desktop applications

Step 4:

Set the Auto Synchronize settings

Step 5: