Enabling the growth and success of channel partners has become increasingly important to increasing revenues. Providing CRM tools that optimize efficiency and shorten sales cycles are key to a successful partner relationship program. PlanPlus Online CRM for Partner Relationship Management provides the tools channel partners need to perform at their best. The ability to give PlanPlus Online PRM to 1000’s of companies that can learn and execute a consistent sales methodology that works will insure a substantial increase in revenues for you and your partners


Why Partner with Us?

As a Channel Partner your company has a unique opportunity to present world class SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) to your customers by aligning yourself with us.  Benefits of  Channel Partnership::

  • Competitive market pricing
  • Reoccurring Revenue
  • Comprehensive partner  training to help you sell
  • Professional services and training revenue
  • Ease / Speed of deployment
  • Pre-/post-sales support
  • Technical Support / In-house Development Team
  • Corporate culture that ensures ease of doing business
  • Qualified leads to Certified Partners

Value Added Reseller Program (VAR)

COMPLETExRM’s Value Added Resellers have extensive sales cycle experience and successfully completed COMPLETExRM’s Software product training. VARs support customers from the sales cycle through implementation, and they receive such benefits as:

  • One of the best margin programs in the industry
  • Margins paid on all services
  • Additional margins for end-user training
  • Cross promotion resources
  • Complete training and support
  • Tools to demonstrate and train with
  • Pre-qualified leads – accessible anytime through our online lead retrieval system
  • Pre-sales technical assistance

Referral Reseller Program

Referrals are a simple way for you to help your customers with solutions they require that you currently do not sell. You supply Complete xRM with qualified sales leads – and we do the rest. Then we pay a commission for each lead that creates a sale. Participating resellers receive:

  • Margins on sold software licenses and maintenance agreements
  • Support from a dedicated channel manager
  • Pre-sales technical assistance
  • Product literature

Complete xRM reseller programs can greatly increase your profits. Learn today how to profit from partnership – where our success fosters yours.

Brand Consistency

The Partner Relationship Mgmt Portal should seamlessly interface with your company’s website. The PlanPlus Online PRM Portal becomes your partners virtual office providing them with everything they need to complete Back Office as well as Front Office tasks . PlanPlus Online PRM allows you to configure fully branded partner portals that utilize your choice of logos and color schemes at the click of a mouse. Different themes and layouts can easily be created for each partner type, which can include training and certifications for your product and / or service. The partner portal also supports delegated user administration, so once a partner comes online, a designated user from the partners company creates and maintain users for that company, reducing brand owner responsibility and giving partners unrestricted capabilities to grow and develop teams of sales with the PlanPlus Online infrastructure.

Improve Partner Process

PPOL PRM delivers real time reporting simplifies the process of managing partners. Spending the appropriate amount of time and money with top performing partners, while providing valuable self-service tools to less strategic partners, is critical to effective resource utilization and getting the most out of each partner tier. PlanPlus Online Online CRM for Partner Relationship Management can be deployed to manage channel and alliance relationships. Business Process planning and road maps insure partners align themselves with your brand and methodology.

Win – Win lead management

Depending on their size PlanPlus Online for PRM provides partners with the right marketing program. Larger partners can take advantage of the native tools existing with the PlanPlus Online Sales and Marketing toolkit while smaller partners may outsource through the Brand Owner.  CRM On Demand for Partner Relationship Management assists the Brand Owner in defining top ales partners so that that marketing funds can be appropriately allocated. Marketing dollars can automatically be undevelopable to partner once they have achieved specific revenue thresholds

Manage the Entire Deal Life cycle

With PlanPlus Online for PRM business processes Can be pre-defined allowing coach ability and rewards through every step in the process. You can insure leads and opportunities go to the appropriate partners who are consistently achieving performance metropolis for PRM allows brand owners to route leads to direct sales reps, channel reps, or partners directly as rules of engagement dictate. Leads routed to partners can be sent to a single/named user, an entire partner organization, or to a lead pool consisting of partner users from multiple companies that claim leads on a first-come, first-served basis. Once claimed by a partner user, brand owners can monitor the lead for action and reassign it if no action takes place. Partners can use lead assessment functionality to evaluate the likelihood the deal would be approved, minimize requests for additional information and streamline the approval process. Finally, once the lead is fully qualified, Partners can convert the lead to a Deal Registration.

Lead Registration

Lead registration programs provide visibility to the deals partners source themselves or to leads they have fully qualified. PlanPlus Online for PRM simplifies lead development for the partner. Web forms are forms that can capture information from your website and send the information directly to your PlanPlus Online account in the form of a Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Case and more (varies by edition). Design your own forms using custom fields. PlanPlus Online web forms can be configured to automatically send an automatic reply and a series of sequential emails to the website visitor. As the site owner, you or your sales team can also receive an email each time the form is filled out.

Opportunity Management

Partner Opportunities can be managed through the partner sales stages designated by your organization. PlanPlus Online’s Sales Automation (SFA) module enables partners to achieve the maximum potential from each sales associate. Default plug and play sales processes insures consistency across partner teams.. It enables partner sales managers the ability to apply “what their best sales performers know” and how to coach others to become top performers. Work flows enable managers to quickly identify and react to changes in their sales pipeline performance

Special Pricing Requests

To ensure partners optimize pricing on a deal and can quickly respond to competitive situations, CRM On Demand for Partner Relationship Management supports the submission and approval of Special Pricing Requests. Partners can request one-timed is counts for a specific deal, to help them compete on price while preserving profit margin. Special Pricing Requests can greatly enhance your competitive positioning in a deal, while at the same time delivering timely insight into pricing trends.

Collaborate on Service Requests

Brand owners increasingly rely on partners to provide first level customer support and to effectively manage customer expectations around service. Using CRM On Demand for Partner Relationship Management, you can allow partners to submit service requests for themselves or on behalf of customers, or to take ownership of service requests and work them to completion,ensuring Service Level Agreements are met more consistently than ever before.

Bottom Line

By helping brand owners optimize channel resources and streamline partner interactions, PlanPlus Online CRM for Partner Relationship Management ensures partners are more productive and closing more deals per month. To learn how PlanPlus Online CRM for Partner Relationship Management will be wildly successful in developing channel partner sales, please visit or call +1.801.438.3460 to speak to a PlanPlus Online representative.

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