PlanPlus CRM

What is Planning ?

Planning is the space between where you are, and where you want to be.

Planning is activity management. Planning is a not static collection of Plans. Planning is active process of evaluation. Planning is the process of evaluating where you are going to spend your time and what you are going to focus on. Truly effective planning revolves around knowing what your highest priorities and goals are and selecting actions that will get you closer to those goals. In its simplest form, plans take the form of a prioritized task list. As your plan becomes action you will have appointments scheduled that provide the space and time for those activities to get done. The best planners are those that effectively gain perspective on their roles and goals and execute on their plans to reach those goals.

The PlanPlus ™ Cloud

The PlanPlus Cloud represents a solution set that can help you effectively gain perspective on your most important priorities, identify your goals, and prioritize your important projects and tasks and do it on your favorite platform. The “Plus” in PlanPlus means that you can get many extras that will help you achieve your plans. These “Plus” features include many great features that you might find in many CRM products such as Sales Automation, Workflow Process Builder, Email Automation, Project Management, Website Form Integration, Customer Relationship Management, Task and Activity Management, Dashboards, Reports, and more.

How is PlanPlus Unique?

The technology offerings that you find from many other companies are just that…Technology. They are bits and bytes of software that often times do not address the person acting on the data. PlanPlus is different in that it allows a person to set both personal and professional goals and to track the activities that that are going to move you toward those goals. Let’s face it, you can not completely ignore either your work or your personal life, and in today’s world it is next to impossible to completely separate them.