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Organize, Prioritize, and Automate your business with FranklinCovey's online Business CRM, PlanPlus Online PLANNER Edition makes it easy to manage customers, contacts, sales opportunities, leads, marketing campaigns, projects, documents, individual and group calendaring, task management, planning and goal setting.


$69.99 user/year

Improve your personal productivity with PlanPlus Online. Planning and Prioritizing your Daily and Weekly Tasks and Appointments based on your overall Mission, Values and Goals should be a smooth and seamless process. Make the time you spend Planning more Effective and Productive.

  • Planning Tools
  • Online Calendar
  • ABC-123 Prioritized Tasks
  • Daily Notes
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere

Calendar Sharing

Individual and Group Calendar Sharing

Calendar sharing is an essential element for productivity in a group or team. Understanding who is available, when resources are available, and when external contacts need to be invited to appointments can be accomplished with PlanPlus Online.

  • View other Users' Calendars
  • Color-Code Appointments
  • Create Multiple Calendar Sharing Groups
  • Personal Page that allows you to share your Calendar with the world and allow external web visitors to request appointments during your available times


Task Management

Prioritized Task Management

Knowing what Tasks are most important will increase your productivity. Spend less time sorting through long lists of TO-DOs or paper checklists and more time accomplishing important objectives. PlanPlus Online makes it easy to keep track of all your Tasks and prioritize them using the A,B,C,1,2,3 system. The Quick Prioritize Wizard provides a useful interface for drag & drop Task Management based on day and importance. Delegated Tasks are delivered via email to the recipient and all updates are tracked in your PlanPlus Online account. No account is required for a recipient of a delegated Task.





  • Prioritized Tasks
  • Daily and Master Tasks
  • Forward Tasks to Today
  • Drag & Drop to Calendar
  • Quick Prioritize Wizard

Report Time by Each Case

Automatically report each user's time spent on each Task and relate to each customer. Create reports based on client, company and project as well as manage service / time retainers for credit and billing.

Task and Project Completion Meter

Users record the percentage complete for each Task in a Project. This rolls-up to measure overall project completion. Tasks automatically roll-up to customers and time sheets. As each user reports their actual hours worked it is cross-referenced with the user's time sheet.

Task Workflow

The flow of information is automatically recorded in each Task or Sub-Task. Documents and file attachments are automatically uploaded into the Project document library. Project Task forums enable users to exchange ideas for the Project; nothing is ever lost.

Project Task Standard Features

Every Project Task contains the following features: Task summary / details, time sheet (actual hours worked), estimate of completion, status, priority, group, and type. The Task history tracks all changes, including date and author.



Weekly Planning

Mission, Values, Roles, Goals, Tasks

Start your week by reviewing your Mission Statement and Values. Then move on to review your Goals and add any related Goal Intermediate Steps to your weekly Calendar or Task List. Next, review your Roles and identify the most important activity to keep your life balanced and your saw sharpened.

  • Mission Statement Builder
  • Identify Values
  • Goals and Intermediate Steps
  • Big Rocks and Compass




Mobile Phone Access

Use PlanPlus™ Online Anytime, Anywhere on your Smartphone

PlanPlus Online is accessible from any smartphone with a Web browser - such as an iPhone, BlackBerry®, Palm®, Windows® Mobile, and other devices.


With this mobile access to PlanPlus™ Online, you have a specialized interface to manage your Contacts, Tasks and Calendar on any smartphone from anywhere at anytime via the Web.

PlanPlus™ Online is designed to maximize the user experience from any wireless feed, regardless of smartphone speed and without complicated synchronization or duplication. The format has been completely re-tooled for the smartphone screen.

PlanPlus™ Online's mobile client is free and available for all current and new users of PlanPlus™ Online. To initiate the service, PlanPlus™ users can simply point their device's browser to and login.


Goal Planning

Goal Planning Made Easy Online

To achieve success personally or professionally, you must have Goals. PlanPlus Online allows you to track your Goals and their Intermediate Steps. Keeping your eyes on your Goals will create the energy, focus, and determination required to achieve them.

  • Create Goals
  • Identify Intermediate Steps
  • Drag & Drop Goals and Steps to your Calendar
  • Drag & Drop Goals amd Steps to your Task List



Task Delegation

Maximize Your Effectiveness by Delegating Appropriate Tasks

PlanPlus Online allows you to delegate Tasks to internal or external users. If you are delegating a Task within your account, the recipient will receive the Task on their PlanPlus Online Task List. If you are delegating the Task externally, the recipient will recieve the Task in their email.

  • Assign Tasks to Internal Users via User Name
  • Assign Tasks to External Contacts via an Email Address
  • Task Recipient does not need to have a PlanPlus Online account
  • Feedback from delegated task is updated in the PlanPlus Online account