CRM Customer Relationship Management

Managing your relationship with your customer can include many things such as keeping track of Activities, Appointments, Notes and interactions, Sales Opportunities, Support Tickets, Fulfillment Projects, Emails, Products purchased and many many more. Good CRM data can help you learn things about your customers, make better decisions, and improve the overall effectiveness and productivity of your business.


In addition to the many data relevant benefits, PlanPlus Online is a CRM that makes Individual Productivity of the utmost importance. Many CRMs are good at tracking Contacts and Accounts but few are as good at organizing the users interactions as PlanPlus Online.


  • Create a Centralized Database of proprietary company information and contacts.
  • Bring clarity and direction for increasing sales performance
  • Improve the Scalability of your business.
  • Build value in to your service based business beyond your knowledge stored in sales reps heads.
  • CRM can be a an important element in creating your succession plan.
  • Better understand customer segments.
  • Make better marketing decisions.
  • Focus on more profitable customer segments.
  • Reduce inefficiencies in process and communication.
  • Communicate more frequently with your customers.
  • Have access to important business data from anywhere, anytime.
  • One of the most intuitive and user friendly interfaces focusing on what is most important.
  • Simply complex processes, or reduce redundant data entry.